Tired of waiting? Act, seize the moment!

Jérémy Cherami
4 min readSep 15, 2020
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Dear community,

It is often said that the first step is one of the hardest to start a new journey. Jumping into the unknown, exiting your comfort zone, feeling afraid of others’ judgment, feeling more concerned about what is at the end of the line instead of focusing on the journey itself, etc…

Those reasons are numerous and have already been accounted for dozens of times along blogs, websites, books and other mediums.

I have been reading articles for months and got to liking some amazing people on those pages.

People like Tim Denning or Benjamin Hardy, PhD and their amazing advice that always feels like providing a box of matches, ready to ignite a new bonfire towards new grounds. Other contributors like Ayodeji Awosika or Benjamin Sledge, who almost feel like buddies that would kick my butt with their inspiring yet familiar realist voices. Sometimes I would kick some fictional stories of Hengtee Lim (Snippets) because I like his tone and storytelling, plus I like to get away with some lazy leisure times.

I enjoyed all those new moments and to be fair, like probably many people here, got to ask myself “Why not me?”. A thought, a question that of course translated into nothing more than a brush of a brain idea. But, it never left me.

And here we stumble into the classic questions and topics mentioned at the beginning.

It took me some time but I think I am reaching my own answer on this after taking some time to do some inner diving.

I have been wanting to write for a few years now.

I enjoy drafting words together and try to achieve some beautiful meaning that can be pleasant to read. I even apply this logic in my work in IT and even like doing so in presentations or emails trying to explain vision and objectives to my stakeholders or employees.

And yet, it felt like it was never the time to properly start, rather I involved myself in passive activities. You can’t imagine how much it resonates when some of the authors listed above mention the link between our habits and the things we end up spending our time doing. I love video games and movies/TV shows and it is soooo easy to fall back on those. That, aside from simple entertainment, they uphold close to no value in the end.

Like most of us who don’t live off their writing, we have a job, a family life, and other obligations that regulate our lives.

So we find excuses to delay on what we would want to do or try and achieve in the end ultimately.

I thought, brooded, delayed thinking of the goals I wanted to reach, forgetting about the essential point, despite it being highlighted so often by other authors here.

— Have a bias towards action, let’s see something happen now. You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away.

Indira Gandhi

What did create this final spark inside me at that precise moment? I can’t really pinpoint one specific element. Maybe it was a last touch to a long reflexion, a nudge from my partner who keeps repeating that I should follow my dreams.

In the end, I also wanted to start treading this new path and here I am. Scared, feeling challenged and uncertain but delighted with every word I am adding to this very first piece!

Will it be a hit? Absolutely not!

Does it matter that it doesn’t reach that level? Absolutely not!

Because all this process is about triggering something new, trying to break internal codes and reinventing oneself.

It shall be difficult. There will be demotivation along the line when I don’t feel like it because I am exhausted by other obligations. But the truth is, I want to start and improve myself in that direction and I want to discover what I will find in this process.

I know if I want to be successful, I will have to think outside of my inner perimeter and actually study more of what the people expect to read to be highlighted and referenced.

But at this precise point in time, what matters is only this : Write!

Will writing yield a brand new world and career completely unexpected and foreign to me? Will it uncover another side of my personality currently unknown to my best ally and worst enemy, myself?

Since all this is a practice, a set of habits to acquire and nurture, I will start with this first step and draft a road with all the other components, even if some of them remain unproductive.

I want to be the sum of this and end up mixing all of the elements I spend time on to make new elements come to fruition.

And now is the time for setting a writing pace and facing the opinions and remarks of others, as few as they may be in the beginning, even if null.

Because I want to embrace a new road and for now my making a commitment to this, getting into this vast open ocean and actually acting on it, is what really matters.

So time for me to write and say one of the sentences often used by the set of characters I like controlling in role playing games : “C’mon guys! It will be an adventure!”.

I am certain I am not the only fish feeling these thoughts in this sea of words and if you happen to randomly stumble upon this page and story, thank you for reading and happy to read anything you want to share with me.